About us

Welcome to Blue Button Boutique!

My name is Jen and I am so happy you are here. I started Blue Buttons Boutique because of my love of all cute, comfy and trendy styles :) I have shopped online boutiques for years and have always dreamed of starting my own. I am a middle aged gal, who wants to feel fabulous every day in what I wear!

I am very picky about fabrics and how they make me feel~ no itchy, tight, leg or arm hugging fabrics for me. Im sure you’ve experienced ordering a piece of clothing online and it not meeting your expectations. Here you’ll find trendy tops n denim and comfy chic dresses!

I'd LOVE to help YOU choose your perfect style and favorite pieces, making shopping with me a special treat. *Follow Blue Buttons Boutique on Facebook and Instagram.

BBB Owner,